The survey was compiled by the All Saints Parochial Church Council (PCC) Communications Committee (The 
Committee) of Chevington (Clive Fairclough, Justin Rabett, Sophie Hunt and Jamie Robertson) after consultation 
with the PCC and the Chevington Parish Council (PC). 
Its broad aim was to discover what issues were important to the village and how we could best use the 
resources of the PCC and the PC to improve community life in the village. The questions were of varying types –
yes/no answers, top three preferences out of a list and “free text” comments. I have included an edited down 
version of the “free text” quotes within the survey answers.
The survey or questionnaire was conducted from 1 October 2023 to 15 October 2023 and then extended until 
the end of the month.
280 questionnaires were distributed, one to each household in the Chevington parish with the Benefice 
Nevertheless, with a village population of 590 (2021 Census) 201 surveys were filled out, representing 34% of 
the village. Although the survey said that it should be filled out by everyone in the household – and provided a 
QR code and website link to an online form – we were told by many villagers that they thought it was 
households rather than individuals who should fill out the survey. If each questionnaire filled out represented 
the views of several individuals within a household we believe the whole survey reflects well over half the 
population of the village
The committee felt that this was sufficient to draw conclusions about the mood and attitudes in the village. The 
survey was followed up with a lively public meeting on 3 November attended by around 80 parishioners.